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Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps in the ground present tripping hazards for pedestrians, especially in areas where people travel often, or children tend to play. In addition, grass and weeds grow around and obscure the stump, increasing the chances of someone tripping over it. Finally, the stump’s presence can cause problems when mowing, as visibility is affected by high grass. Lawnmowers can get damaged by driving over a stump or the exposed root system.

Some tree removal companies will dig the stump out, but others, like Five Points Excavating, use stump grinding. The stump removal process involves a grinding tool to grind the stump and tree roots into small, mulch-sized wood chips. These pieces can help fill in the hole in the ground level when the stump is removed. In nearly every case, we can remove the entire stump. However, if any root pieces remain, they are typically 6-10 in. deep below the surface. Therefore, the remaining stump pieces will usually decay with no further issues.

Tree Stump Removal
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