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Residential Demolition

Most property owners assume that residential demolitions are reserved for decrepit and uninhabitable houses. For a large percentage of the houses that need to be demolished, it is due to severe damages, abandonment, or code violations. But these are not the only cases where residential demolitions are necessary. Things like mobile homes, trailers, detached garages, workshops, barns, patios, decks, docks, pergolas, and gazebos all require demolition once they've gone past the point of repair and rehab.

A residential demolition can be used to remove any residential structure. Quite a few homes are outdated and are no longer desirable, while the land that they are built on is prime real estate. Demolishing an old home on a residential lot clears the way for a brand new modern home to be built in its place. A lot of these historic homes that predate the turn of the century may contain harmful asbestos, lead, and mercury, all of which can cause serious health risks. You'll also find entire sections that are weak or rotted, which can eventually collapse. If the affected area is reserved to a single part of the home, demolishing that section can help preserve the rest of the house.

Other structures we mentioned before like detached garages, workshops, barns, or patios can be demolished as well. If you purchase a home or a plot of land that has a structure you don’t want or is unstable, unsafe, or unusable, a residential demolition contractor like Five Points Excavating can demolish the structure and haul off the debris.

If your house poses a health/safety risk, a residential demolition can prevent future costly citations or fatal accidents.

You'll also have an interest in a residential demolition if you need to remodel or replace your home. While it may seem daunting, you are just a phone call away from having your residential demolition done professionally, responsibly, and at a great price. 602-312-2445

Residential demolitions must be performed by a fully licensed and insured demolition contractor or demolition company like Five Points Excavating. Most residential demolitions require permits, and there are a lot of codes and regulations that need to be followed. Heavy machinery and tools are often needed to perform these demolitions. Such machinery must be operated by trained professionals. The demolition environment itself can be dangerous, so having experienced professionals perform these tasks can help prevent any risks of injury or liability.

Five Points Excavating is proudly known for our focus and commitment to each and every client. We evaluate each project to ensure that we can provide all the proper permits, as well as plan for any unique conditions. We only use the best quality equipment possible to guarantee a smooth residential demolition. Machinery such as excavators and skid steers. Our teams are fully trained to operate each machine safely and efficiently.

After you receive your residential demolition quote and are ready to proceed, we then perform an environmental inspection. This inspection guarantees that there are no hazardous materials present. It's also required in most states. Next you'll need to locate and disconnect your utilities with each of your utility service providers.

Once any residential demolition is complete, our crew clears the entire site and hauls off all debris using either our dump trucks or roll-off trucks. After your residential demolition, you might be interested in having your newly cleared site excavated and/or backfilled. If so, just let your contractor know so that we can include this in the proposal.

Residential Demolition
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