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Pool Excavation

Five Points Excavating specializes in swimming pool excavation, we have all the required machinery and expert contractors. We always strive to provide the best service possible and timely residential commercial swimming pool excavation services. We are proud to have excavated hundreds of swimming pools around Arizona, bringing cheer and happiness to the family concerned with our clear and on-time delivery.

We have excavated pools from all kinds of soil conditions, we also specialize with all appropriate tools to tackle abnormal soil conditions like rock fill soil, hard rock granite and caliche soil conditions.

Be it concrete or fiberglass swimming pools, our team of experts with years of excavation experience, will complete the job of excavating in quick time, leaving no mess around for other people working on the site. Our specialty excavation services include spas, lap pools, ponds and splash pools.

The excavation process is just the first step in building your dream swimming pool in your backyard. It involves many levels of construction right from excavating, filling, compacting, concrete or fiberglass construction and so on.

Our excavation experts will come in and survey the job site to understand the soil condition, machinery access, the environment surrounding the pool, etc. Then we bring in the required machinery based on their assessment, as our fleet of machinery varies from large sized excavators to medium and small excavators.

Our excavation process starts with removing any vegetation over the area, as well as the topsoil to expose the earth below to help our excavators start the process of digging up the soil. We have all kinds of mini excavators and dampers to squeeze through tight spaces. This ensures that there will be no damage to your property to bring on our equipment. If the access to the pool area is large, then we can obviously bring in our large excavators, which will help us to complete the job a lot faster.

When it comes to excavating for a swimming pool, one does not simply go on to start digging right away anywhere they want. Before the process of digging, one should ensure that there are no plumbing lines or phone lines passing beneath the surface. You must also be aware of any drainage problem that may occur because of the digging. All of these factors must be determined before you bring in the excavator to the site. We, being professionals and specialized in the service, always know the best place to dig that will ensure the adjacent areas, such as your garden path and patio, are not ruined in any way.

We can also help you in removing all soil and waste materials from the site for the pool engineers to work freely in constructing your pool. Every job we work is treated like our first project and hence we take the utmost care to deliver quality service. For a quote please call us at 602-312-2445 or drop us an email at

Pool Excavation
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