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Electrical Services

Our systematic approach to every project incorporates today’s best practices in electrical construction, engineering and project management. This results in a smoother process for you when it comes to planning, coordinating and managing construction projects.

Our electrical services are handled by our specialized electrical contractors. Electrical contractors design, install, and maintain electrical systems in facilities (i.e. homes, offices, and industrial buildings). The term is used to describe companies that provide these services as well as the individual workers that actually render them. There are three general classifications of electrical contractors in the construction industry; Inside Electrical Contractors, Outside Electrical Contractors, and Integrated Building Systems Contractor.

Inside Electrical Contractors

As their name implies, these contractors manage electrical systems inside buildings. That would include electrical outlets, light fixtures, and other components that are an integral part of a building’s interior.

Outside Electrical Contractors

As you can probably guess, these contractors manage systems located outside. Among them are lineworkers, who service electrical and telecommunications lines.

Integrated Building Systems Contractor

These contractors manage the electrical components of a building’s integrated systems (i.e. access and climate control, networks, lighting, etc).

Broadly speaking though, an electrical contractor’s responsibilities may include installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electrical systems, project management (including planning and resource allocation), and client relationship management. All of which our electrical contractors are more than proficient in. 

An electrical contractor’s day-to-day activities may vary depending on their specialty and what stage of the project they’ve been called in to help with. Electrical contractors brought in prior to the structure’s construction, for example, may be expected to identify and install the ideal system based on the client’s needs. Meanwhile, electrical contractors brought in to service an existing structure may need to upgrade or maintain the already-installed system.

Whatever the job may be, the electrical contractors at Five Points Excavating are here to help you with all of our electrical service needs. a full system install to a new line replacement, you can count on us! Give us a call at 602-312-2445 to learn more!

Electrical Services
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